Countdown to the 2005

Biennial Consultation in Toronto

Susan Baldwin, Local Arragements Chair


The questions most frequently asked (after questions about the consultation itself) are “How do I get from the airport to the Delta Chelsea Hotel?”    and  “What restaurants are nearby?” 

The answer to the first question can be answered by directing you to  There you will find the bus schedule and where the bus picks you up at Toronto Pearson Airport. Do not worry about which terminal you are arriving at, the bus picks up passengers at each of them.   You can even purchase your bus ticket prior to your arrival in Toronto at this web site and if you book online you can save 10% on the cost of the ticket.  It is $15.50 one way and $26.75 return.  The bus trip will take you about 50 minutes or perhaps longer in rush hour and the Delta Chelsea is one of the last stops.   When you leave Toronto, the Delta Chelsea is one of the first stops on the bus’s route out of town to the airport. 

Don’t even think about a taxi – it will be VERY expensive.

The answer to the second question can also be found online if you want to dig around and you know what neighbourhood the hotel is in (“Downtown” if you’re looking) at  However, to save you some time here is a list of the restaurants that are within one block of the Delta Chelsea Hotel.

These are, quite literally anywhere from a 30 second to 3 minute walk from the front or back entrance of the hotel.  In some cases you won’t even have to cross the street!  A map of their location, plus their price range, will be provided in your registration package upon arrival at the Biennial Consultation. You might find some of them online with a menu provided.

There is also a full grocery store, open 24 hours, about a 4 minute walk north of the Delta Chelsea on Yonge St. in the College Park Mall. 

And finally, for those free evenings…..if you want to attend a show or sports event it is best to book tickets ahead of time and this is of course made easier with the internet.  Try both and to see what’s on.  A local resident also recommended “Healey’s,” a jazz nightclub featuring live music every night.  On Thursdays Jeff Healey himself plays there (one of Canada’s premier Jazz musicians and composers) open 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.  Obtain tickets at


Bankok Garden
Mochizuki Japanese Fine Dining
Ginger 2 (Vietnamese)
The One (Thai and Asian)
Mt Fuji (sushi Tempura)

English Pub

The Wolf and Firkin
The Elephant and Castle
The Devil’s Advocate

Breakfast, sandwiches or snacks

La Maison Croissant (a must while you’re here)
Fresh Start Coffee
Country Style Donuts
Java Joe
Coffee Time Donuts
Tim Horton’s
Tea Shop


Il Fornello
Barberians Steakhouse
Gyros take out
Pizza Pizza
Swiss Chalet (chicken)


Commensal Vegetarian Cuisine




This is a view of Toronto looking north from the CN tower. The shadow of the tower can be seen in the photo.


Another view from the CN tower.



This photo is of the Eaton Center - a large shopping plaza 5-10 minutes walk south of the hotel.